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Everyday English for Construction and Engineering [Free Online Course]

English for construction and engineering

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Employers across the construction and engineering sector regularly say that being able to speak clearly and confidently and to listen carefully is the most important English skill they look for in their employees. Join this everyday English for Construction and Engineering online course.


Good speaking and listening skills are vital in almost every workplace to communicate effectively with clients, customers, colleagues, and managers.

For most people, speaking and listening is the part of English they do the most. From short ‘hellos’ or commands to our dogs to detailed discussions to plan for tomorrow’s work and tell a story, we all speak and listen throughout the day.

Course Details

Please note: This course will no longer be available from 1 March 2022.


Course Type: A Free Online Course

Course Duration: 48 Hours

Course Offered by: The Open University

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Course Content

This course is divided into three sessions

Session 1: Speaking and Listing


Session 2: Reading

Session 3: Writing

Why Join This Free Course

People typically speak thousands of words a day and hear even more, especially if you count television and radio.

This session is the longest in the course but is broken up into transparent and easily manageable sections to help you in your studies.

Would you like to improve your current English skills or perhaps remember areas you may have forgotten? Do you work, or are you preparing to work in the construction and engineering sector?

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This free course introduces Level 1 Functional Skills in English with tips and techniques to help you communicate more effectively in everyday life.


The content of the course is linked to the construction and engineering sector so that you will be developing your English skills through activities and using resources that are more likely to be familiar.

Enrolling in this course will allow you to earn an Open University digital badge. The badge is a great way to demonstrate your interest in the subject. What you learn by completing the course will help if you wish to enroll in a formal qualification.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to make a range of relevant and extended contributions to formal and informal discussions
  • Read and understand the main points and ideas in a range of straightforward texts
  • Utilize information contained in various texts and identify suitable responses
  • Construct a range of texts to communicate information, ideas, and opinions
  • Utilize accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar to communicate clearly in writing.

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