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What are some of the best construction management books?

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Here is the list of the recommended construction management books. All these books on construction management, project management in construction, construction planning and management of construction are of immese important for any anyone desirous to make a career in constructions.

All these books are the best books for beginners to experienced construction professionals to study construction management.

We have listed down some of the best construction management books, these books are highly recommended books, after reading you will surely gain the knowledge and techniques needed to handle the construction projects. Some of the books are also available as Kindle books to buy on Amazon.

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List of the Best Construction Management Books

1. Projects Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementation, and Review – By Prasanna Chandra, Tata McGraw        Hill Publications.

2. Construction Management and Planning- By B. Sengupta and H. Guha, Tata McGraw Hill Publications

3. Civil Engineering Project Management – By C.Alan Twort and J. Gordon Rees, Elsevier Publications

4. Digital Construction Management Book Paperback – 2019 – BAkhilesh  Srivastava

5. Principles of Construction Management  – By Roy Pilcher ( McGraw Hill)

6. Nail Your Numbers: A Path to Skilled Construction Estimating and Bidding – By  David Gerstel

7. Construction Management JumpStart – By Barbara J. Jackson 

8. Defensive Estimating: Protecting Your Profits – By William Asdal 

9. Successful Construction Project Management Books: The Practical Guide – By Paul Netscher  

10. Construction Project Manager’s Pocket Book (Routledge Pocket Books) – By Duncan Cartlidge

Additional Resources

All the above-listed construction management books are recommended to study construction management courses. Read about one of the best Construction software buyer’s guides on the market. This is the only one designed specifically for the subcontractors.

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