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What do Architects and Urban Planners do?


Discover how spatial design professionals make a difference in society.

About this course

Are you interested in studying architecture or urban planning?

This course will help you understand what spatial design professionals really do, so you can decide if this is the right profession for you.

First, we’ll learn about the built environment and the kinds of challenges and opportunities that architects and planners grapple with.

Then we’ll discuss five short examples based on real projects. In each example, we will focus on the role played by different spatial design professionals, including urban planners, urban designers, landscape architects, architects, and interior architects.

You’ll gain a good understanding of what each spatial design profession does, so you can make an informed choice about what to study.

The course will also be useful for anyone who needs to interact with spatial design professionals and would like an insight into their different roles.

What you’ll learn

#The roles of different spatial design professions, including urban planners, urban designers, landscape architects, architects, and interior architects.

#The challenges and opportunities that spatial design professions address in practice.

#Which skills and attitudes are required for the spatial design creative process.


Join this online course offered by Wits University to learn the job description, roles, and responsibilities of Architects. Know what do architects do? and the roles of urban planners.

Architects work on measures starting from a small room in a house to an entire city. Architects design, develop, present, and control all sorts of projects. Their knowledge, design skills, and aesthetic sense make them proficient in approaching other paths like graphic design, product design, or even construction games design.

Course Offered By:

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Wits University

Course Overview:

#Length: 3 Weeks
#Effort: 2–3 hours per week
#Price: FREE (Add a Verified Certificate for ₹3,548)
#Institution: WitsX
#Subject: Architecture
#Level: Introductory
#Language: English
#Video Transcript: English

#Course Type: Self-paced on your time


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