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Books on Fluid Mechanics-II

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Textbooks and Reference Books on Fluid Mechanics-II

  1. Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Garde, Mirajgaonkar, Scitech
  2. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics by P. N. Modi & S. N. Seth Standard book house
  3. Open Channel Flow by K Subranmanya, TMH, Third Ed.
  4. Open Channel Hydraulics: Vente Chow – Tata McGraw Hill.
  5. Open Channel Flow: K. G. RangaRaju – Tata McGraw Hill.
  6. Fluid Mechanics- Fundamental and Applications by Cengel and Cimbala- McGraw Hill
  7. Flow through Open Channels—Srivastava– Oxford University Press
  8. A test book of Fluid mechanics and Machinary by Bansal
  9. Fluid Mechanics by Streeter, Wylie and Bedford – Tata McGraw Hill
  10. Fluid Mechanics by White – Mc-Graw Hill
  11. Fluid Mechanics-A.K.Mohanty- PHI Learning PvtLtd.Delhi
  12. Open Channel Flow by M. M. Das – PHI Learning PvtLtd.Delhi

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